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Sqaure partners with bigcommerce and weebly

Square looks to tap into $1.6 trillion e-commerce market with micro-merchant marketing.

Square, the mobile card reader and tabletop point of sale, has recently partnered with Bigcommerce and Weebly to enable businesses owners to build e-commerce capabilities and help its merchants start selling online in just a few minutes!

The goal of the integration is better serve merchants that are in need of a more robust “out of the box“ website builder with more features, said Square spokesperson Early Ury. Square handles the payment processing and transaction monitoring, while Bigcommerce and Weebly bring the e-commerce features and integration with Square payments.

“The merchant will be able to do all of his transactions in one place on the Square dashboard,” Schultz added.

The new integration will allow merchants to accept online payments in a very streamlined fashion and bridge the gap with e-commerce without merchants having to work with multiple processors” Arminio said. ”

Square is encouraging its merchants who may be leery about online fraud to trust the partners they have chosen, Kalemba said. “We have anti-fraud technology on our platform, and so does Square.”

With the new partnership online e-commerce businesses as well as brick and mortar businesses can now have the capabilities to create an all in one website with e-commerce functionality and easy to use Square credit card processing!