About Us

GCG Provides State of the Art Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing Solutions Nationwide

Brick & Mortar businesses remain the foundation of the American economy and an essential piece of our business. Although the shop on the corner may have a different processing need than a large financial institution, one thing remains the same; all businesses need a streamlined system for collecting funds in a fast and secure fashion. GCG Consulting provides customers with a payment processing system unique to their needs.

GCG Consulting Inc. is a national company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with over 30 years of experience in credit card processing services and terminal servicing. Our goal is to assist merchants in making the most of credit card sales by lowering the cost of accepting cards and speeding up the time that it takes to receive payments.

GCG Consulting Inc. will effectively lead you through this transition by providing quality processing and exceptional customer service. We don’t stop there though. Once your terminal is operational and on line we will continue to provide you with exceptional service throughout the life of your contract with us.

GCG Consulting, Inc. is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH

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