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Improving Efficiency and Maximizing Revenue


GCG Consulting Advantages


  • Credit Card Acceptance -
    A Business Requirement

  • Save 40% of Fees on 60% of your Sales

  • Zoom With Ultra - Rapid Payments at Your Counter

  • Go Mobile for Sales Anywhere

  • Maximize Sales on the Web

  • Get Cash to Grow Your Business

  • Capture Maximum Payments From All Sources

  • Increase Your Revenue and Your Customer Loyalty

Our Service

All of our terminal products are available for purchase, rental, or lease. Contact us for rate information.

GCG Provides State of the Art Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing Solutions Nationwide

GCG Consulting Inc. is a national company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ with over 30 years of experience in credit card processing services and terminal servicing. Our goal is to assist merchants in making the most of credit card sales by lowering the cost of accepting cards and speeding up the time that it takes to receive payments.

GCG Consulting’s unique combination of innovative solutions and financial strength offers solid benefits

to companies large and small.


If you’re running a business you know that accepting credit cards and debit cards is absolutely necessary to your success. GCG Consulting, Inc. is your foundation for convenient and state of the art merchant services and payment systems. From assessment to strategy, design to solutions, here at GCG we are here to help you improve your business from start to finish! We have the systems in place and will work with the right credit card processing provider to help you maximize secure credit card processing in order to improve your business performance.



With the help from us you will expand your payment options; accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty programs and other payment options all while simplify your business operations and increasing your revenue. From Brick and Mortar to online stores, you'll find our wide range of products and services, and depth of customization unmatched by others. We stand behind our loyalty to help your business improve efficiency and maximize revenue!

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