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The Company We Keep

Our partners are true collaborators who bring expertise, innovation and results
to make the payment process easier for you. Together, we bring solutions that solve your specific needs. Their support has been vital in achieving our success.



PAX Technology, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world and has distribution in over 120 countries with an installed base of over 40 million terminals. PAX is dedicated to offering innovative, cost-effective, and superior quality payment solutions to businesses worldwide.


We know touch - it's our only business. In fact, we invented the touchscreen over 40 years ago and haven't stopped since. Every 21 seconds, a new Elo touch screen is installed somewhere in the world. We obsess over details to exceed the highest quality standards.


Our product portfolio includes a broad selection of interactive touchscreen displays from 10-70 inches, all-in-one touchscreen computers, OEM touchscreens and touchscreen controllers and touchscreen monitors. You’ve used our product or been helped by an Elo touchscreen in gaming machines, interactive kiosks, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, wayfinder displays, interactive retail displays and transportation applications just to name

a few!


We are large enough to be global, yet focused enough to deliver personalized support. We live by the philosophy "There is nothing more important than our customers." Our goal is to help you do your job better, spend less time doing it and become your favorite touchscreen supplier by delivering on our promises. We measure our success based on your satisfaction. We want you to be an Elo customer for life.


We provide merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions that eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless and secure for consumers, whatever the sales channel or payment method.


Our ambition is to facilitate merchants’ transition to multi-channel sales through

our comprehensive range of smart terminals, payment services and mobile solutions, covering in-store, online and mobile channels on a global scale. Our innovative and reliable solutions let merchants secure the sale as soon as the consumer has made their purchase decision, and enhance consumer experience.


Our customers benefit from the depth and breadth of our large in-store and online acceptance network, which combines global expertise with local solutions. We connect retailers to all financial institutions and deliver access to

the widest portfolio of local, national, international and alternative payment methods.


We Make Commerce Happen!

We start with payment of any kind – but that moment is just a beginning step in the digital revolution of commerce.

Consumers want personalized experiences that let them shop where they want, how they want, when they want –

on a digital device or in a store. We make it simple for brands to create their customer journeys through software applications we engineer with business needs and consumer lifestyles in mind. We make it possible by connecting merchants to our cloud-based suite of services that delight consumers and unleash business insights – key steps for developing newly imagined customer experiences.




While acquiring merchants for our Interactify platform, we discovered that our clients had a growing need for an affordable and easy-to-use point-of-sale solution. We began developing Acadia POS from the ground up, ensuring

that every feature and function met our merchants' criteria. With merchants already on our platform, we have the chance to learn every day about how our solution is helping businesses grow.


YUMA POS is an enterprise POS system that includes multi-unit support, web & mobile apps, online ordering, push notifications, SMS messaging, email marketing, software customizations, loyalty, gift cards, and more.


DishOut, LLC was formed by Rory Hersch and Brett Silberman in 2011. Brett and Rory met several times throughout the years while both were working in the stored-value space. When Rory wanted to start a new company leveraging

his experience in payments and higher education, he approached Brett to join him to gain his operational prowess and expertise in the loyalty and rewards space. DishOut was launched and immediately became a player in the closed-loop stored-value space with customers in a variety of verticals including higher education, hotels, ISOs, restaurants, and retailers. DishOut is building the next generation of payments and rewards for students, hotels guests, business travelers, and other consumers.


Today, DishOut has expanded from a dream of Brett and Rory to employing a full staff of incredible sales, technology, and marketing people as well as an in-house 24/7 support team. Our offerings include traditional payment gateway services including EMV, a full suite of mobile solutions including mobile payments, pay-at-the-table, online and mobile ordering, loyalty and rewards, and more.




An industry leader and global solutions provider in merchant account services, First American Payment Systems is ranked as a top privately-owned merchant service provider in the United States. We know how challenging it is to run

a business. That's why we help you with comprehensive payment solutions, all managed in-house, backed by advanced security and award-winning customer service. Helping you grow is our main focus.



We know your business is more than just how you make a living. It’s your passion turned pro. Authorize.Net helps makes it simple to accept electronic and credit card payments in person, online or over the phone. Get solutions that

go to work for your business and let you focus on what you love best.


The eProcessing Network Secure Payment Gateway allows merchants to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment securely. Whether it is from a website, through a Mobile device, or a storefront, we provide the tools to make payment transactions happen seamlessly.


BridgePay is a transaction gateway specializing in turnkey payment application solutions for all types of point of sale solutions. If your merchant needs to accept EMV payments from their integrated POS or line bust via their Android device, BridgePay has a solution.

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