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Shopify Releases Refreshed POS System With Mobile Checkout And Omnichannel Management

Kevin Woodward - Commerce platform Shopify Inc. has released a refreshed point-of-sale appliance and suite of features.  Announced Monday, the revised Shopify POS system is a tablet set on a stand with additional software capabilities. Among the new features is mobile checkout that enables payment acceptance in store or at curbside, an especially desired function as many merchants continue to abide by pandemic constraints.  Another new feature is a consolidated payment-management capability for merchants to view online and offline sales, orders, and products in an integrated view. Other new features include real-time inventory management,

app integration, and more detailed reporting.

“Retailers need help right now. Shopify is doing everything we can to help retailers adapt to current challenges and come back stronger,” Ian Black, Shopify director of retail, said in a statement. “We are releasing our new Shopify POS to give retailers—especially small, local businesses—every possible advantage.”

Ottawa, Ontario-based Shopify launched a point-of-sale app and reader in 2013. In 2017 it added an EMV-compliant card reader  Shopify updated its POS service in 2019 with features for fulfillment and better customer service access.

Most recently, Shopify purged thousands of merchants for price gouging and making false Covid-19 claims. It also joined Libra, the cryptocurrency project initiated by Facebook Inc., in February.

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